DRS is powered by its partners at the ‘consultation table’. The Partners of DRS discuss many topics regarding Dutch rail-related export. The Table serves as an editorial board responsible for selection and quality of showcases, including pilot projects in various countries.

The table is chaired by Carolien Gehrels (Arcadis), while the secretary is managed by RVDB/Lightrail.nl in co-operation with Railforum.

We are proud to present our Partners for an international audience. Two of them, Moveres and Ricardo Rail are showed in part 1.


Partners profiles (part 1)

partner-movares-portrait            movares-logo

Movares – We Connect- Movares is an engineering consultancy, covering the fields of infrastructure, public transport, mobility, power, waterways and urban development.


Movares is proud on her experience of 150 years in the railway infrastructure design and consultancy as former engineering department of the Dutch Railways. Usability, future value and sustainability play a major role in the designs we produce an the advice we give. In this capacity, we strongly support the DRS platform.


Address: Movares Europe B.V., Daalseplein 100, 3511 SX  Utrecht, P.O. Box 2855, 3500 GW  Utrecht, The Netherlands
Contact: Frits Immers, Managing Director
+31 6 5343 4869 frits.immers@movares.com www.movares.com


partner-ricardo-portrait                 ricardorail-logo

Ricardo Rail – Delivering Excellence Through Innovation & Technology; we are a global consultancy offering a range of technical and specialist engineering services to the rail market.


Ricardo is proud to be a partner of DRS to which we will contribute with our long-standing knowledge and expertise of rolling stock, rail infrastructure and functional safety. Our global network in rail and other industries will offer DRS opportunities for a strong international positioning.
As part of the Ricardo group, we are able to offer the DRS network direct access to the latest in transportation engineering and design, including the technologies and applications that Ricardo’s engineers have successfully brought to fields for over 100 years.

Address: Ricardo Rail, Radboudtoren, Catharijnesingel 33, 3511 GC Utrecht, P.O. Box 2016, 3500 GA Utrecht, The Netherlands
Contact: Wil van Roij, Principal Consultant
+31 (0)30 7524 700 raileurope@ricardo.com  rail.ricardo.com