Network Rail in the United Kingdom has appointed Arcadis as a Programme Partner (Systems) to work with its existing Digital Railway team. As Programme Partner, Arcadis will be leading the development of the ‘Digital Railway Toolkit’. This is a set of requirements, specifications, processes, and competency and training requirements that will support the potential roll-out of the Digital Railway on a number of strategic routes across the network. Arcadis will work with the route teams, train and freight operating companies, rolling stock companies, industry supply chain and other stakeholders to develop candidate schemes for digital rail. Arcadis will also support the preparation of Outline Business Cases to inform the next funding and regulatory period, known as CP6.

Digital modernisation of the network will involve removing fixed lineside signals and replacing them with in-cab signalling. Arcadis will be drawing on experience from across Europe, including partnering with ProRail in the Netherlands where European Train Control Systems (ETCS) technology is widely implemented.

Arcadis will also be spearheading the creation and set-up of the Digital Railway Academy to identify future training requirements and ensure the supply chain is equipped to respond to Network Rail’s long-term vision.

Source: DRS/Arcadis