Dutch Rail Sector partner Strukton Rail was contracted by The Hague’s public transport operator HTM to carry out maintenance to its light rail infrastructure starting 1 January 2017. The contract term is two years, with three opportunities for a one-year extension. Strukton obtained the contact following a MEAT tender. The action plan, risk control, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and social return were important criteria on which HTM assessed the submitted tenders in addition to price.
The maintenance contract for HTM is a so-called Output Performance Contract (OPC). Strukton Rail will conduct inspections, and carry out preventive and corrective maintenance to the track, switches, level crossings, overhead lines, power supply systems and structural objects. Strukton will also provide a 24/7 second-line standby service, and additionally a first-line standby service during the night and weekends.
“We are delighted with this maintenance contract for HTM. We aim to optimise the maintenance of the light rail infrastructure together with HTM and in doing so extend the infrastructure’s availability and service life, as well as reduce the number of malfunctions and general maintenance costs,” says Pim Hamers, Contract Manager, Strukton Rail Netherlands.
This ‘home project’ comes after a busy 2016 with various projects in Australia, Denmark, Germany, Sweden and moreover the eye-catching metro construction projects in Chile (Santiago) and Saudi Arabia (Riyadh).

Source: Strukton/DRS