ICE High Speed Trains have been adapted and authorised for operation on the modified infrastructure at the border crossing between Zevenaar and Emmerich at the border crossing between the Netherlands and Germany. Ricardo Rail was contracted to support and participate in this project.

At present Ricardo Rail looks back over a year of successful operation after the railway infrastructure at the border crossing was changed to 25,000 Volt, making it necessary for the ICE to change catenary voltage twice over a distance of 10 km. The ICE was originally not designed for this short sequence of two transitions. Ricardo Rail, NS and Deutsche Bahn researched and realized modifications on ICE to cope with this requirement.

The ICE was also modified to run on ERTMS making them compatible with the route. A test has been performed during six months between Utrecht and Amsterdam to prove reliability of ERTMS operation and to familiarize drivers with ERTMS.

Source: DRS/Ricardo Rail/SpoorPro