During a recent meeting at Railforum (one of the partners of Dutch Rail Sector) Carola Wijdoogen, Corporate Sustainability Officer of Dutch Railways (NS) underlined the importance of climate targets and the responsibility of railways. She promoted the ‘Dutch Sustainable Mobility Pledge’, an initiative of NS, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water management and several Dutch companies and institutions.

NS aims for green energy for their trains. Early this year a renewed contract has been signed with Nuon/Vattenfall for sustainable energy supply of all NS’ stations and infrastructure.  Already since 2017 all NS trains run on wind energy of Eneco, the Dutch  green supplier of electricity.  Source of all the energy are wind parks in the Netherlands (50%), Norway, Sweden and Belgium.

See also ‘From Wind to Train’: http://groenetrein.ns.nl/Home/FromWindToTrain (in Dutch only)