Dutch rail is of high quality and in many respects comparable with the excellent railways of Switzerland and Japan. The Dutch railways combine a heavy usage with a high performance. Moreover engineers, planners and designers of the Netherlands share impressive experiences with complicated rail projects of many kinds. And last but not least, the Intercity train services are of world class and it comes to no surprise that this kind of rail products and services have been exported to various parts of the world. Hence, rail is core business for Dutch Rail Sector.


Dutch rail is connected with all kinds of mobility. The trains offer transfer to car and to bicycle, and other means of transport. Particularly Dutch trains are linked to public transport. Rail-based mobility is enhanced by urban/regional rail on shared and on dedicated tracks, including excellent Bus Rapid Transit systems. Stations are used as transport hubs. Hence, mobility is core business for Dutch Rail Sector.


Dutch rail is embedded in a long cultural tradition of planning, particularly urban planning. The Dutch world of urbanism, architecture and design is closely linked to the world of rail. Beyond transport the Dutch stations serve as hubs of urban development and redevelopment. Property is integrated in stations and their environments. ‘Transit Oriented Development’ belongs to Dutch rail. Hence, urban planning is core business for Dutch Rail Sector.