DRS Mission (in short)

Dutch Rail Sector (DRS) is a stage that comprehensively presents the rail system of the Netherlands for a world audience. It opens rail-related knowledge for clients involved in railway initiatives, research, projects and activities that aim to have efficient governance and cost-effective life cycle management within complex mobility hubs. DRS exports Dutch experience and knowledge in many professional domains, including rail-related urban planning and mobility that are Boosted by Rail!

DRS Mission

The rail system in the Netherlands is world class. It serves a large metropolitan area with millions of people. Frequent rail traffic and high passenger density, combined with a high quality and service level both in the trains and at the stations makes the Dutch system one of the best in the world. Yet, it is highly cost efficient. It is time to show the world.
DRS presents the Netherlands as a frontrunner in rail and rail related developments. DRS facilitates Dutch companies and organizations abroad in providing rail related services and products. It builds upon the Dutch world class rail system, its cutting edge technology, innovation and service level.

For whom?
DRS addresses public and private clients outside of the Netherlands. DRS will participate in e.g. trade missions, conferences and seminars. Individual companies and organizations are invited to contact DRS for developing their business opportunities.

By whom?
DRS is an open community. The core of this community is a selection of entities representing the full Dutch business world, including public entities, suppliers, architects, planners, engineering consultants and contractors. DRS is supported by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment and several branch organizations.

The aim to show the Netherlands as frontrunner will be made visible through three key themes. By focusing on these themes, we will stage us as leading in these areas.

  • Sensitivity for governance
  • Proven life cycle efficiency
  • Exemplary urban mobility hubs

The themes have been defined being broad enough, hence, many projects, products and services can be associated with it. At the same time the themes are specific enough to incorporate many features and issues entailed in the comprehensive system of the Dutch railways, such as a strong user orientation, an unique design culture, as well as a strong architectural tradition reflected for example in many high class railway stations.

How to be involved? Join us!

  • Become a DRS member – free in 2016, 2017 € 950 (annual fee)
  • Propose a DRS showcase – and apply for showcase format form & conditions
  • Or send us a summary (250 words max) of your showcase idea
  • Join the DRS Consulation Table – and apply for information


Please, mail us: info@dutchrailsector.com