Information on journeys by public transport is user-friendly provided by one national system, called ‘9292’, based on open source data and complemented by trip planners of various local operators, including many apps.


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Urban mobility hubs


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Sustainability, Economics


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Where ever one travel in The Netherlands, the Public Transport Information system ‘9292’ supports travelers with excellent door-to-door advice how to travel with public transport. All operators work together in this service. The system 9292 provides information on itineries, prices and everything one need to know about trips. The travel information is based on real time data, provided by the PT-operators. This implies 9292 manages over 80 million data and provides over 2 million journey advices every day. PT Travel information is provided by call centre, (mobile) websites, apps and API’s (‘application programming interfaces’). Since all PT-data in the Netherlands are free to use, 9292 is able to manage its own data and to provide data for other developers.


Form (description)
The Public Transport Information system 9292 provides a comprehensive service. It contains all itineries, prices, stops and geographical information. By processing these data demands of travelers are served up to date, hence, 9292 provides the door-to-door route available at the demanded time of departure or arrival. Travelers can approach the information by website, apps and call centre.


Operation (usage)
The 9292-system is operated by ‘OV Reisinformatie’, a joined company of all public transport operators in the Netherlands. Users can easily get the information they need by enter departure and arrival location, date and time. The website is usable on every device and the apps are applicable for iPhone and Android. If someone want personalized information, he or she can call an agent who provides tailor-made information. Real time travel information at PT-stops is also available. Next to travel times and schedules, the 9292-system offers information on fares and calculates the optimum fare for the desired trip. Finally the 9292-webside contains various additional information, like public transport news, events and maintenance works.


Performance (result)
The 9292-system user-friendly supports many trips by public transport. Customer satisfaction is good (7,5/10 in 2014). Nationwide coverage of the system boosts its performance. Moreover 9292 optimizes multimodal-trips, particularly important for the success of urban mobility hubs.




Dutch PT-operators started in 1992 to provide integrated PT travel information using call-centres. However, today mobile services handle over 60% of all demands and telephone use is less than 1% (but still in service for those who can’t use digital services). Over 660 million advices were provided in 2015 and the number of demands is still growing. The nationwide 9292-system and the national public transport smart card (also a DRS-showcase) prove the success of co-operation in Dutch public transport and rail sector.
Other providers in the Netherlands are Dutch Railways (NS) and various local operators (e.g. HTM in The Hague urban region).


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Foreign potentials
. Upscaling the 9292-system to European level (e.g. providing information on international train trips).
. API and system design.


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9292, NS, HTM, MTR


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