Cities become more important and so their public transport. Trains in the Holland Metropolis are overloaded while buses in rural areas run without many passengers. Therefore Dutch authorities proposed an holistic view on future mobility. Instead of continuing usage of the traditional collection of non-integrated transport modes, the Netherlands will become showcase of ‘door to door’ mobility using train and other forms of transportation.
The envisaged train system will play a key role. New types of fast trains will connect a set of national economic centres. Moreover, in cities and urban regions, light rail will be extended and partly merged with heavy rail trains within urban-regional corridors.
According Dutch Rail Sector these ground-breaking new ideas on rail mark a true paradigm shift, that clearly underlines the export potential of Dutch rail-based expertise. In the years to come the Dutch will reinvent heavy rail connections between important economic hubs and light rail (e.g. extended RandstadRail) accessibility within the urban regions of Holland Metropolis.

Source: DRS