Michael Cramer, Chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Transport and Tourism arrived in Kaohsiung to conduct a two-day city survey and attend a workshop conference, providing suggestions on the “EcoMobility World Festival” scheduled to be hosted in Kaohsiung City in 2017. During his survey, he found that the development of Kaohsiung City was similar to that of advanced cities in Europe, suggesting that the city government should endeavor to promote small and popular projects, such as bicycle projects, to gradually improve urban living environments and road safety, thereby enhancing city competitiveness.
European experts and scholars traveled to Kaohsiung for a two-day survey of the Hamaxing district and to participate in the ecomobility workshop jointly organized by the Transportation Bureau of the Kaohsiung City Government and the ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability. At the workshop, the attendees discussed the challenges and execution plans of the 2017 EcoMobility World Festival, scheduled to be hosted in Kaohsiung City, and shared the promotional experiences of other countries.
The visiting experts comprised numerous renowned professionals, including the Chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Transport and Tourism, Michael Cramer and the Taiwan Representative of the Dutch Cycling Embassy, Dr. Rob van der Bijl. They surveyed the streets of Hamaxing either by bicycle or on foot, providing numerous suggestions on the gradual promotion of various transport improvement plans in the Hamaxing area and the co-organization of the 2017 EcoMobility World Festival by the ICLEI and the Kaohsiung City Government. Dr. Rob van der Bijl also presented the train-cycling pilot for Kaohsiung from the Dutch Rail Sector.

Source: Transportation Bureau,Kaohsiung City Government (adapted)