Maintenance for Light Rail infrastructures in urban environment successfully boosts performance.


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Lifecycle efficiency


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Strukton Rail


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Regiotram Utrecht


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Improved performance of a 42 km light rail line by developing a maintenance concept focusing on risk management and preventive action.


Form (description)
Focus on object-driven maintanance
On site presence
Emergency breakdown service


Operation (usage)
Keeping availability and reliability of infrastructure at required level
Maintaining infrastructure safety levels
Optimising life-cycle costs


Performance (result)
An attitude and conduct which is problem solving. Cooperative, open and proactive.




Light rail line, 42 km , 54 switches. Siemens detection at end of line and axle counters on the tracks. Catenary with 750 Volts power supply.
Sharpened quality criteria are made transparent to ensure that both end client and contractor have insight into the action required under different circumstances. Based on PAS55, NEN 50126 and RAMS quality requirements.
Since Regiotram Utrecht and Strukton Rail signed the maintenance contract in 2013, they started to work intensively together to improve the performance of the light rail line. They chose for coproduction instead of the classical division between customer and contractor. Based on experiences from practice, they decided to focus on the quality of tram services. Based on that quality driven approach, they developed a maintenance concept focusing on risk management and preventative action. They sharpened quality criteria and made them transparent to ensure that both the customer and the contractor have insight into the actions required under different ircumstances.
(Source: Strukton)
PAS 55 is the British Standards Institution’s (BSI) Publicly Available Specification for the optimized management of physical assets – it provides clear definitions and a 28-point requirements specification for establishing and verifying a joined-up, optimized and whole-life management system for all types of physical assets. Now internationally recognized, PAS 55 is proving to be an essential, objective definition of what is required to demonstrate competence, establish improvement priorities and make better, clearer connections between strategic organizational plans and the actual day-to-day work and asset realities.
(Source: PAS55)


Asset Management – an anatomy’ (AMA)


None yet.


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Light Rail system world wide


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Strukton, Irene van Dam
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Light Rail Asset Management