Light rail is considered in many Indonesian cities (e.g. Jakarta, Surabaya). Dutch knowledge and experiences are to be plugged in upcoming planning processes.


Prime domain(s)


Prime theme(s)
Urban mobility hubs


Additional theme(s)
Users & Services, Design & Identity


Related showcases, pilots, other projects
RandstadRail (DRS), Den Haag Centraal (DRS), Light rail Kaohsiung (Taiwan)


Lead partner
HLR Consultancy &


Local contact
Ministry of Transportation (Kementerian Perhubungan), Jakarta, Indonesia


DRS showcase RandstadRail features all characteristics of light rail. The pilot implies the ‘translation’ and ‘transition’ of these characteristics into future Indonesian practices. Elements to be considered are types of infrastructure , urban situations, as well as a series of technical issues. Moreover successful light rail project definitions and implementations will be elaborated.


This pilot is planned to get ground in Surabaya. According recent policies, proposal and schemes Surabaya could be showcase for Indonesia. Already according a pre-feasibility study in urban transport (February 2013) this city has the vision to modernize the public transport system by introducing a north south tram network and an east west monorail line. These will form the backbone of a new modern and viable system which will then be supported by a complementary citywide network of modern bus services. This complementary network will bring the demand from the greater urban area to this new mass transit network.

Other considered pilot options are Jakarta and Palembang.




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Bappeko Surabaya


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