Dutch Train Cycling System
Cycling is connected in various ways to the train at urban mobility hubs and most other stations, including some urban hot spots.


Prime domain(s)
Rail, Mobility, Planning


Prime theme(s)
Sensitivity for governance, Urban mobility hubs


Additional theme(s)
Users & Services, Sustainability, Design & Identity


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Lead partner
Dutch Cycling Embassy


Local contact
Kaohsiung administration (Taiwan) e.o.


The Dutch Train Cycling System entails various elements, first of all an excellent national and regional train network, including world class stations. And moreover: the strong Dutch cycling culture and the still growing number of cycle trips to train stations. This train-cycling combination is enhanced by the development of a new generation of high class parking facilities in and around train stations. On top of that the Public Transport Bicycle (OV Fiets). This is a fast growing national Bike Sharing program in the Netherlands – for that matter the biggest bike sharing system in the world.


This pilot gets ground in Taiwan (first of all the city of Kaohsiung) and very likely in other cities too (e.g. Taichung, New Taipei).
In Kaohsiung it will be related to the main station project (Mecanoo).
A workshop in Kaohshiung (March 2, 2016) marked the launch of the pilot.